SAX Polymers

SAX® Polymers specialises in manufacturing, preparing and dying technical polymers. In addition to its standard product range and master batches, the company with ISO 9001 certification and production plants in Vienna (Austria) and Oberriet (Switzerland) offers technical polymers solutions tailored to the needs of its customers. At the same time, SAX® Polymers also draws on the decades of experience accumulated by the group of companies, which has been successful across Europe for decades.


The proprietary range of polymer granules covers a multitude of high-quality products. They can be dyed, refined or modified with various reinforcing materials. The use of ultra-modern single and twin-screw extruders makes it possible to process all technical polymers into high-quality compounds. Exclusively gravimetric dosing (including side feeders) and modern granulating systems are used for processing and reprocessing polymers. Its own test lab is capable of conducting elaborate analyses of work material and quality controls.


SAX® batches are high-quality colour concentrates for numerous polymers and processing methods. Colour, additive, effect and combination masterbatches are tailored to the specific application of the customer and can be configured in every imaginable colour nuance with countless effects. The masterbatches are adjusted to the desired polymer. There are currently more than 6000 existing recipes. This enormous range of variations permits maximum compliance with material and design specifications.


The SAX® RAL assortment covers 29 conventional masterbatches for universal use. Through their universal composition, these batches have proven themselves in PE, PP, PA, PBT, TPE and often in ABS and POM. All colour types have a very high degree of light fastness [7-8] and, based on the pigments used, are resistant to temperatures of 240°C-290°C. The SAX® RAL assortment is physiologically harmless and the types comply with general legal European guidelines.


As a material manufacturer, SAX® Polymers is committed to meeting the high requirements of its customers in a quick, efficient and flexible manner.

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